Anonymous declares war on Facebook to begin November 5th

The Los Angeles Gaming Conference, earlier this year was the home to a lot of talk about gamification or making interactive experiences for customers or fans of other products, and gaming moving to Facebook.  The install base of Facebook is and is marketed as a coveted honey pot of consumers for merchants and advertisers.  Even the more traditional gaming industry is trying to carve out their own piece of Facebook as the Dragon Age Legends, is an example.  As successful as the Dragon Age RPG franchise has already been, you might wonder why EA had a team of developers, now known as BioWare San Francisco, develop a Facebook app.  The answer is simple.  There is more money to be made.

The problem with Facebook, is that eventually it will be another Myspace and faction of the group Anonymous is going to try to help it get there a little quicker.  Anon Ops is targeting Facebook for sharing user information with government entities, including security for countries like Egypt and Syria among others.  Looking through even this author’s friends list, there is an awful lot of information about people on Facebook and even information you don’t put up.  Your friends can tag you in photos, check you in at locations and talk about what the two of you did last night.  Think about what your boss would say if they had all of that information, or your ex trying to sue you or an oppressive government that had you on THAT list.

Anon Ops is threatening to end Facebook on November 5th with few other details.  Attacks in the past have included denial of service attacks, where the site is not accessible and hacking attacks that have publicized sensitive information.  Only time will tell what type of attack they have in mind and how it will affect the adoption of Google plus, who also seems to have garnered some irritation from Anonymous.

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