Bioware hints 304942 in latest Mass Effect 2: Arrival teaser

Looking forward to Mass Effect 3?  Bioware is looking to ramp up the excitement for the blockbuster sequel.  In anticipation of Mass Effect 3, they are finishing up the final plot related DLC.  They have named it Arrival and just today, have posted a third screenshot.   This is a busy year for Bioware with Dragon Age 2 out recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic coming out this year for PC and Mass Effect 3 possibly making it out at the end of the year.


Since coming out early last year, Mass Effect 2 has won numerous RPG awards and broken through as mainstream game to win multiple game of the year awards as well.  Bioware has done a good job of keeping the game relevant by releasing a good amount of quality DLC, over the last year.  They have released weapon and armor packs, alternate costumes, extra characters and complete storyline arcs and missions.  It started on day one with the Cerberus card and most recently with Lair of the Shadow Broker.

Lair of the Shadow Broker was the first piece of DLC to allow you to further the story started in the original Mass Effect game.  Additionally, if you had a relationship with Dr. Liara T’Soni in the original game, you can continue that arc as well.  This is no small matter, as Liara is one of the best written characters in the series, likeable and expertly voiced by Ali Hillis.  If you’re playing on Xbox 360, you also get five new achievements.  On Playstation 3, The Lair of the Shadowbroker is included.