Did Anonymous take down Sony’s Playstation 3 network?

Sony Playstation 3Los Angeles area Playstation 3 owners are frustrated today.  With Mortal Kombat, SOCOM and Portal 2 coming out this week, a lot of Playstation owners are upset.  According to the Anonymous Facebook page though, they have nothing to do with it.  The issue with Anonymous began with Sony’s court case against George Hotz, which has since been settled out of court.  The issues of whether you should be able to modify the system you bought or backup the games you buy are probably left for a different platform.  Reading over the messages posted today, you can’t help but wonder if there is some irony in that under other circumstances, many of those posters would likely be Anonymous supporters.  Self interest can be quite transformative.

It is important to note however, that Sony has often had network trouble.  In comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, Sony has a poor record of keeping their network operational.  Xbox Live does cost about $60 a year, unlike the Playstation network which is touted as free.  The truth is, both networks have free and paid content and services however, a paid subscription is not required on the Playstation network to play online games.  Both Microsoft and Sony have been heavy-handed in their dealings with modders.   Sony says they hope to have the network functional again within the next couple of days.  While that alone is offensive considering the historical cost of Playstation 3 and included service, if the problems are not hacker related, it will amplify Sony’s critics’ claims of arrogance.

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