Disney Animated is first in a long line

SStudioIt’s a busy time of year for everything Disney. Video games, movies and their new Marvel television series are all right around the corner.  One of the most notable upcoming video game releases is the genre-bending “Disney Infinity,” coming out for consoles on Aug. 18.  “Disney Infinity” promises to make an army of new game developers with its “Toy Box” mode.  The question that often comes to mind when presented with a nearly limitless tool set is, “Where to start?”  Luckily, Disney Interactive released “Disney Animated” for Apple’s iPad on Aug. 8.  Not just for aspiring game designers or film makers, “Disney Animated” pulls back the iconic company’s curtain on almost a hundred years of animated movie making.

i-RTXD7xD-MDisney Interactive revealed the new “Disney Animated” to a small group of the media at the Walt Disney Animation Studios on Monday, Aug. 5, for a behind the scenes look.  While “Disney Animated” provides great technical insight into the field of animation, there is nothing intimidating about the app itself.  A collaboration between Touch Press and Walt Disney Animation Studios, it is equal parts encyclopedia and fun.  Through “Disney Animated,” content from all 53 full-length animated feature films is at your fingertips.  You can examine treasured artifacts and intricate artwork that are even kept from most employees, as well as get an exclusive first look at footage, concept art, animation tests and visual effects from the upcoming film “Frozen.”

“Disney Animated” contains a comprehensive timeline of all 53 animated feature films from Walt Disney Animation Studios, including animated clips of favorite characters and recently uncovered historic trailers.  One of the most remarkable tools of the app is a unique color map that displays a color summary of all 52 Walt Disney Animation Studios’ releases.  The entire image is interactive and shows thumbnail frames from every scene along with playing the accompanying music.  All together, it contains over 750 interactive illustrations, including more than 400 short animation clips, over  350 high-quality images from Disney’s archives, including backgrounds, concept art, character sketches, super-zoom-able storyboards, and 3D rotational photography of rare artifacts.

Where the app is most instructional, is in explaining how story and character are developed and in how the animation process works, both hand drawn and computer animated.  One of the features even allows classics scenes to be deconstructed.  You can see how Disney animated films are brought to life, from early concept and story development through layout and background, animation, visual effects, sound and music and final assembly.  Amazingly, every illustration on every page is touchable and interactive.  The hands-on interactives allow fans to experiment with iPad versions of authentic Disney animation technologies, like Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph and even share their creations via email and social media.

Disney Animated is available for $13.99 from the App Store on iPad at AppStore.com/DisneyAnimated. For more information on Disney Animated, visit Disney.com/Animated.

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