Disney Universe announce new Pirates of the Caribbean game

To fit in with the recent ‘Speak like a Pirate Day’, the makers of Disney Universe have announced their brand new Pirates of the Caribbean game. In ‘Disney Universe Pirates of the Caribbean’, players will be able to dress up as some of their favourite characters from the films. These characters include ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, Angelica, Blackbeard and Mr. Gibbs.

The game is set to be released on October 28th on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC. Fans of these swashbuckling films will no doubt be very excited about this coming release. With not long until the big day, they will have to occupy themselves by playing other video games, things like Partypoker or outside sports. Then, when it arrives they will be able to once again immerse themselves in the exciting world of pirate adventures.

This new game is said to take place in London. Players must navigate their way through the city using water bombs, rubber duck vehicles and even cannons to fend off pirate ships. The Fountain of youth is rumoured to be the destination of the players, which can only be reached after a final battle using the rubber duck vehicles.

The theme of the world in this game will be taken from the Pirates of the Caribbean films and the players will be able to pick up power ups along their journey. The Disney Universe games are set to make a big splash in the video gaming, and Disney, worlds. Fans will be able to enter into their favourite Disney worlds as some of the best-loved Disney characters.

Playing the games will surely increase awareness of the Disney films and encourage people to start watching them again. It is a good sign that the world of Disney stories is still expanding and remaining as popular as ever.