E3 Show Stoppers 2012 gaming wrap up

Kicked off with the Korean mobile gaming company, We Made’s announcement of their upcoming RPG, Project Dragon, Show Stoppers at the Icon Ultra-lounge was packed with press and exhibitors looking for a more intimate setting to talk about what is new and exciting in gaming and tech.  The Icon is across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center, in plain sight of everyone attending E3 but, the Show Stoppers event is exclusively invite only.

It’s easy to get stuck trying to beat bosses or get through levels on action-adventure games or even RPGs like Demon Souls and good place to look for help is YouTube.  One of the coolest pieces of tech at the show was a piece of hardware to help others help you. The Elgato GameCapture HD makes capturing Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 gameplay easy.  The gameplay is passed through to the TV via HDMI for Xbox 360 or component video for Playstation 3 and only requires one cable for each. The software included even lets you time shift your gameplay, if you forgot to hit record and then edit and share it seamlessly on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Impressive is the first word to describe European company Mionix’s craftsmanship of PC peripherals.  Brushed aluminum and bold sturdy artistry typify there keyboard, mice, mouse pad and headsets.  As someone that uses mice and keyboards constantly, I’m not easily impressed but in seconds after touching their gaming mouse on their metal mouse pad, I was amazed.  Their mechanical keyboard encased in metal could easily be used as a weapon but was responsive and sturdy simultaneously.  Mionix also has quite a bit in the pipe and it would be surprising if they aren’t soon much better known to PC gamers.

PC manufacturer HP was also in attendance with an impressive gaming ultra book that is both customizable and affordably priced.  Samsung showed off some slick looking new Series 830 solid state hard drives and their new Android based media players.  Aurasma is a cool 3D augmented reality app for Android and iOs.  AverMedia showed off some new game capture hardware and the MOCA Alliance
was also on hand to show how to use the coax cables in your house to make a faster gaming network.

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