EA releases Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

As promised, EA and Bioware have released the Leviathan single-player expansion for Mass Effect 3.  Unfortunately, as of 2 p.m. in Los Angeles, the downloadable content is not yet available for Sony’s Playstation 3 owners.  Leviathan is the first downloadable single player content, for the RPG since the Extended Cut slightly expanded the widely panned endings.  Unlike the apologetic Extended Cut which was free, Leviathan will cost $10 or the equivalent 800 Microsoft Points.

Already the subject of much controversy, EA is hardly looking to make more news regarding the Mass Effect finale.  Any delays for U.S. Playstation owners will undoubtedly cause more blame, fair or not, to be heaped at the feet of the publisher.  The European release for Leviathan is not scheduled until tomorrow.

Touted as following the model of Mass Effect 2’s Shadow Broker expansion, Leviathan will take players all over the galaxy in the quest for a leg up in the fight against the reapers.  Bioware has stated that where the player is in the game will alter the difficulty of the mission.  This means players using a late game save will have a harder time than those choosing to do a full playthrough.

Leviathan is a substantial add-on and players will be able to upgrade their arsenals.  The more controversial benefit is an added wrinkle to the ending of the game.  Already though, many are complaining of having to replay the ending for little pay-off.  With the finality of how the series has wrapped itself up, minor alterations to those ends are best described as anecdotal.  At this point, Bioware and its parent company EA are better off just moving on to the spin-offs they intimated were coming.

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