Final Fantasy VII is being remade

Los Angeles based publisher Square Enix, today announced a new version of the immensely popular 1997 RPG, Final Fantasy VII.  Fans of the Japanese RPG have been clamoring for a remake since last generation’s Playstation 2.  That call has only gotten louder since the release of Sony’s HD capable Playstation 3 came out years ago.  Unfortunately, a new console version of their hit game is not what’s in the works.  Though, Square Enix previously released a PC version of the game soon after the original Playstation release, a new one is coming.

Though originally released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was critically acclaimed as the title that redefined the standard for role-playing games.  It introduced the now infamous rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth and delivered an intricate and emotionally compelling storyline.  The game featured an acclaimed collection of musical scores and intense 3D battles, and is regarded as one of the most significant entries in the Final Fantasy series, particularly in North America and is considered by fans, one of the most innovative games of all time.

This upcoming PC version of Final Fantasy VII will incorporate a few new key features that will help players relive the award-winning story and share their experiences with friends.  It wouldn’t be 2012 if there weren’t some social aspect added in. The new features announced will include cloud saves for players using multiple computers and a game editor that allows players to increase HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum. Also planned, for those who love to brag is an in-game achievement system and the ability to share your progress with friends online.  The game will be available later this year to celebrate the Final Fantasy franchise’s 25th anniversary and will be rated T for Teen.

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