First Annual So Cal Cosplay Ball rocks LA

Just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles, the quaint foothill village of Sierra Madre was the home to the First Annual So Cal Cosplay Ball.  Otaku SanctuaryCosplay Magazine produced this all day event at Nature Friends LA lodge for Southern California fans and cosplay enthusiasts.  It was a full house on Saturday, with events, including a dance, complimentary professional photos and cake.  Contrary to rumors, the cake wasn’t a lie.

Videogames and RPGs in particular are a common gateway for many cosplayers.  It could be argued, cosplay is a form of LARPing or live action role-playing.

Although videogames are surely not the only inspiration for cosplay, most everyone in attendance were gamers, to some degree.  Some cited Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Digimon and if you think it is only Japanese games that inspire cosplay, you’d be wrong.  There was even a cosplayer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The event Saturday lasted nearly 12 hours until the ball came to an end around ten at night.  Some the performers included Anime Café, Momo Café, the duo Takeriya Samurai and the lovely Angel Hearts.

While Otaku Sanctuary founder and spokesperson, Ginger Burton did not yet have details on next year’s Ball, there are other cosplay events in the works.  Fans ofcosplay can find information on the next issue of Otaku Sanctuary at the official website and Facebook page.  Additionally, those that don’t have the time or skill to make costumes can commission them through GNB Cosplay.

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