GameStop already taking preorders on Wii U

Following Nintendo’s Wii U pricing and release date announcement, GameStop updated their website with the two new Wii U consoles.  For Los Angeles area gamers, the announcement came nearly three hours before local stores opened.  GameStop, simultaneously announced trade-in offers for the new console coming November 18, 2012.  The two configurations of the Wii U system are priced at $300 and $350 for the deluxe bundle but, GameStop is offering a $10 trade-in bonus for GameStop club members.

The deluxe Wii U package for $350 will come with a copy of Nintendoland, 32 GB internal memory, the Wii U console in black, Wii U GamePad in black, Wii U AC adapter, Wii U GamePad AC adapter, HDMITM cable, sensor bar, Wii U GamePad cradle, Wii U GamePad stand, and the Wii U console stand.  The basic package includes a white console with 8GB of internal memory and will not include the stands or cradle.  GameStop’s typical down payment for the reservation of a console in store, is $50 which can be credited with trade-ins.  Online, a credit card is required which will be charged just prior to shipment.

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