Happy Birthday Mr Spock, William Bell and Xehanort, I mean Leonard Nimoy

photo Leonard Nimoy Photography

Today is Leonard Nimoy’s eightieth birthday and thankfully he is not good at retiring.  Early last year, Leonard Nimoy announced he was retiring from acting.  He cited his age and approval of Zachary Quinto as the new Spock in the latest Star Trek movie.  Luckily, since then, he voiced the villain, Master Xehanort in the action RPG Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.  The Kingdom Hearts series is a popular joint endeavor between Disney Interactive and Square Enix.  Earlier this year, he also has returned to the television series, Fringe, which has just been picked up for a fourth season.  His birthday today is a sobering reality for this writer.  It will be a sad day when we are not able to enjoy the talents and presence of Leonard Nimoy.  Hopefully, that day will be a long time from now.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is not the only video game to which Leonard Nimoy has lent his vocal talents.  If anyone remembers the unfortunately short-lived Sega Dreamcast, he was the narrator for the creepy but oddly entertaining Seaman.  In 2005, Sid Meir’s Fireaxis Games was able to convince Leonard to do extensive voicework as the narrator for Civilization IV.  In Civilization IV, Leonard recites the Jewish prayer that inspired his iconic Spock hand sign.  Leonard Nimoy currently lives here in Los Angeles and he did take photography classes at the University of California Los Angeles.  Acting may be what he is best known for, but is not limit of his talents.  He has worked as a photographer, director, musician and singer and has written two autobiographies.