Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory out in March 2013

Los Angeles based publisher, NIS America has finally set a release window for the highly anticipated, at least in some circles, Hyperdimension Neptunia: VictoryVictory is the third game in the collaborative series between Japanese developers NIS, Compile Heart, and Idea Factory and will arrive in North America and Europe in March 2013.  The game will again be a Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive.  While the opinions were decidedly mixed on Compile Heart and NIS America’s last console release, Mugen Souls, the evolution in gameplay was apparent.  Victory appears to have undergone some graphical and gameplay improvements as well, since its last iteration.

The series as a whole is a somewhat racy parody of the game industry and typically rewards players with plenty of gaming references.  This time, series heroine, Neptune is sent to another dimension and must find her way back.

“Several years after preventing Arfoire’s revival, Gamindustri has remained at peace. The CPUs and their younger sisters have been enjoying their quiet lives for a while… Then one day, the CPU of Planeptune—Neptune—is sent to another dimension. This new dimension feels very much like her own…except it has only progressed to the Gamindustri of the 1980s. In this dimension, a group of villains calling themselves the “Seven Sages” are trying to create a world free from the rule of CPUs. With help from her new friends, including that dimension’s CPU of Planeptune—Plutia—Neptune begins her quest to protect a totally different Gamindustri in her brand-new adventure!”

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory features some gameplay additions over the last game.  There is a new Scout System that allows players to send out scouts to explore and gather information on dungeons.  These scouts can be leveled up to be more effective. A new Flag system can change enemy spawns or reveal new items.  A crafting system has also been implemented in the form of creating game discs.  Players will obtain blank discs and burn different types of data onto them to access new abilities.  These additions along with graphical improvements offer promise for the upcoming game.

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