Los Angeles scores a limited edition NBA 2K12 cover

In all likelihood there will be no more NBA basketball this year, that doesn’t mean sports fans can’t get their annual iteration of their favorite RPGs.  Yes, sports games these days are much more RPGs than some of the fantasy fare labeled as such by their pedigrees alone.  Today 2k Sports announced the cover athlete or in this case athletes for their most successful line, NBA 2K.  NBA 2K12 will feature three different covers, one of which will feature Los Angeles icon and Staples Center immortalized Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson, without whom there would have been no “Showtime” Lakers in the eighties, won five NBA championships and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.  As a matter of fact, you could refer to NBA 2K12 as a Hall of Fame edition, since the athletes gracing the alternate covers are Hall of Fame members as well.  Also featured on the cover of the upcoming NBA 2K12 are Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.  Some fans may call foul since Jordan was on last year’s cover too, but with his six NBA championships it hard to argue he’s not worthy.

2K Sports seems to be pulling out all of the stops for this year’s game since there will likely be no NBA in sight when it releases on October 4th.   Using such iconic athletes guarantees that all over the country, basketball fans will want to pick this one up.  The Magic Johnson and Larry Bird covers however, will only be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 at launch and will be replaced by only the Michael Jordan branded games.  There is no official word yet, but it is likely as with NBA 2K11 that the historic Lakers and Celtics teams will be playable.  As demonstrated by Kobe Bryant, at E3 this year, the Playstation 3 version will support Move functionality.

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