Mass Effect 3 spoilers, screens and rumors

Game Informer used their muscle, as the videogame magazine with the largest readership, to get an unprecedented look at the upcoming Mass Effect 3.  The issue boasts an eight page extravaganza.  If you’re a Mass Effect fan, you should head to your local, Los Angeles area game store and pick it up.  As Game Informer’s parent company, your local Gamestop should still have copies.

According to Game Informer, Mass Effect 3 starts only a few months after the conclusion of Mass Effect 2 and everyone in charge is still skeptical of the threat the Reapers pose.  That is until the full scale assault is underway.  Planet Earth falls quickly, as it is no match for hundreds of Reapers.  Those that played the original Mass Effect remember it took an entire fleet to destroy Sovereign.  It is with this handicap, Sheppard must try to save a near helpless galaxy.

That is not the only wrench thrown in your operation.  The Alliance has seized your ship, the Normandy.  Add that to the fact, Bioware wants to make the combat a little more difficult.  This is accomplished by making enemy AI more sophisticated, adding to the melee combat and deepening the weapon and combat customization.  Bioware wants to make sure you feel the urgency of the overwhelming circumstances you are faced with.  The downloadable chapter, Arrival seems to be a precursor to the difficult decisions you will also have to make.

Bioware has only listed a few of the characters that will be playable or possibly playable, depending on how you finished Mass Effect 2.  There is one new squad member confirmed and that is James Sanders, an Alliance soldier.  Game Informer did get confirmation that Liara, Garrus and Ashley or Kaiden will be playable to some extent.  The rest are unconfirmed at this point.  Udina and the Illusive Man will also be a portion of the story.

As implied in Game Informer’s story and confirmed in Mac Walters’ Q & A last month, the missions will have longer and more complex storylines.  Casey Hudson, MassEffect 3 Executive Producer mentioned to Game Informer that space exploration will again be different this time around.  At the time of the interview, that part of the game is not finalized.  There are also rumors that fellow EA developer and Battlefield maker, DICE is working with Bioware on the weaponry for Mass Effect 3.  That would add further credibility to Mass Effect as a quality shooter, in addition to being an epic RPG.

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