Microsoft reveals new Xbox One console

XboxOneThough the E3 Expo in Los Angeles is only a couple of weeks away, on Tuesday, May 21, Microsoft announced the new Xbox One system.  Don Mattrick President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft got down to business pretty quickly and after a short video revealed an actual system on stage.  After the big reveal Don Mattrick quickly passed the presentation over to others for some demoing.  In their continuing attempt to take over the living room, the non-gaming apps got first billing at the event.

Utilizing the new Xbox One Kinect system,  the system will serve as a voice and motion controlled video switch similar to a tabbed system.  The console will also be able to multitask these applications in a number of picture in picture windows.  The technology that runs the new Xbox icludes 8GB Ram and a Blu-ray drive.  The new Kinect camera is 1080p can detect subtle rotations and even your heartbeat.  The controller has undergone some tweaking.  Microsoft’s new system will also  have built in tablet integration with Microsoft SmartGlass.  The new system will get a New Xbox Live too with a built in DVR and video editing feature supported by over 300,000 servers.

Some Xbox One exclusives include the latest in Xbox’s racing staple, Forza Motorsports 5 and Quantum Break, a new action adventure game by Max Payne and Alan Wake developer, Remedy.  Microsoft announced they are working on 15 new games, eight of which are new IPs.  If that weren’t enough, a new Halo TV series by Steven Spielberg is coming to Xbox One.  One of the most popular games on Microsoft’s current console is Call of Duty and Activision was on hand to show off the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts.  The impressive reveal showed the Xbox One in action.

The new Xbox One will be available this year.  More details about the system will be revealed at the Xbox E3 press conference on June 10 at the Galen Center in downtown Los Angeles.

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