My kingdom for a seat at E3

SSCN4030The E3 Expo which ran from June 10 through June 13, 2013, really runs the journalists that cover it ragged.  Not only do the events actually start a couple days earlier, but the entire week is spent running from appointment to appointment and then the rest of the 24 hour clock writing articles to make deadline.  True, life could be worse, but for a gaming journalist, this is toughest week of the year.  Though you sit in seats through most appointments, they’re generally in folding chairs and rarely are they comfortable.  That’s not the case for one exhibitor at E3.  Playseat makes a business out of making seats for gamers and yes, even gaming journalists.
Playseat is best known for their racing high quality racing chairs.  They have everything from a comfortable canvas chair that folds away, to leather trimmed beauties that look like seats out of the exotic cars the games put you in.  They all feature adjustable floorboards, steering columns for your racing wheel of choice and even arm rests.  That lets six foot five guy fit into the tiniest of sports cars in games like “Gran Turismo” and “Forza.”  Of course the level of luxury also determines the price, though the affordable Playseat Challenge is very comfortable and deals can often be found on their website.
DSCN4028Playseat did have a couple of non-racing prototypes on hand also.  An elegantly designed orange and white office chair for PC gaming, that would look great in many modern offices, sat outside their booth.  Inside, a low to the ground overstuffed black chair was the seating of choice.  The comfortable chair featured both wired and Bluetooth connections to the amplified speakers concealed in the headrest pillow.  For those gamers required to share their gaming space, it is sure to be hit.  When not being used for gaming, the wife can steal the space and listen to music from an iPod or almost any other device.

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