Nintendo officially announces new system as Wii successor

Nintendo released their earnings report for 2010 this morning.  Along with the earnings and dividends was a general announcement titled “RE: Wii’s successor system.”  The short statement announces that Nintendo has decided to launch, in 2012 a system to succeed Wii.  They also stated that there will be a playable model of the new system at E3 and that specifications would also be released at that time.  E3 will run June 7th-9th in Los Angeles, California.  Also noted was that the new system was not included in Nintendo’s financial forecast for 2011 which, implies the earliest the system would be out would be spring.

Today marks what many forecasters have been predicting for almost a year now, as Wii sales have fallen markedly and hurt the industry’s comparable sales numbers significantly last year.  While initially a runaway hit and accumulating huge sales numbers, Nintendo’s home console has come under fire for a lack of quality titles and last generation graphical powers.  Besides Nintendo icons like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and to a lesser extent Kirby, the majority of the library is a dearth of ill conceived casual games and b-titles.  The standard definition video quality has also, as this reporter can attest, banished the system from the “Big” television in the living room.

The following couple of months will undoubtedly be filled with wild speculations and rumors until Nintendo reveals their new console.  After losing some popularity with core gamers, RPG, Action Adventure and Shooter fans particularly, Nintendo remains iconic and the brand is synonymous with gaming.

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