Nintendo Pre-E3 Wii U release

At 3p.m. Pacific Time on June 3rd, just two days before the E3 Expo in downtown Los Angeles, Nintendo’s Global President Satoru Iwata revealed new information about the upcoming Wii U console.  In an edited video from Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, Mr. Iwata attempted to flesh out some of the specifics about the upcoming console.  Nintendo originally unveiled the new system at their press conference during E3 last year and not much has been changed over the past year.

Mr. Iwata revealed that for Nintendo, their E3 efforts will focus on games for Wii U, maybe some more about the Legend of Zelda and 2D Mario game they have been using in demo videos.  These and the other games Nintendo will be showing off will use the now officially named and updated Wii U Gamepad which will feature clicking dual analog sticks, updated since last year.  The original Wii Remote, nunchuck and balance board will be compatible along with a new more standard Pro controller.

The Wii U Gamepad will now work as a universal remote and will contain an NFC reader and writer, for special cards or objects that will work even while the system is turned off.  The previously revealed touchscreen will be compatible with a stylus and the gamepad is no confirmed to contain motion sensing and a gyro-sensor.  Like the Playstation Vita, the gamepad can also be loaded with casual games for disconnected gameplay.

To combat being “Alone Together” Nintendo has created a new Mii-verse which consists of what they call Mi Wara Wara which is the Japanese word for hubbub and similar to the Playstation Home but populated with Mii’s.  This will be the opening screen on the gamepad at startup and the Mii’s will include your system’s Mii’s, online friends and those in your locality.   The new Mii-verse will eventually be accessible through Nintendo’s 3ds, PC or web devices like phones and tablets.

This Mii-verse can be accessed in game by pressing the home button or possibly as demonstrated, in game.  It looked like each game has a message board of sorts where you can type text, write with handwriting or doodles and assign a countenance to your Miis.  If that’s not enough communication for you, the gamepad will also support video conferencing and web browsing.  Screen grabs and created content for certain games will also be sharable in the new Mii-verse.

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