Nintendo reveals more about Wii U at E3

Nintendo kicked off their E3 press conference at the Nokia Center with a not surprisingly, playful video of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at his home surrounded by little Pikmin.  The video concludes with him walking out his door as he walks onto the stage of the theater.  This quirky introduction led to the announcement of Pikmin 3 for the upcoming Wii U.  Nintendo is using this E3 Expo to lay the groundwork for their new system due out at the end of the year though they still have provided no details on pricing or a firm release date.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime kept the Wii U theme going by highlighting Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition.  The game is a remake of last year’s release with new content in addition to Wii U specific mechanics.  Third party publisher Ubisoft is also firmly on board the Wii U boat.  They announced three new titles for Wii U.  Just Dance 4, Zombi U and Assassin’s Creed will all be on the new system and Zombi U will be an exclusive.

Nintendo did announce some specifics regarding their new home console by stating it would support up to two Gamepads.  The Gamepads will also apparently work independently with the Balance Board as shown in a preview of Wii Fit U.  Nintendo is again playing up the social aspect, as the Wii U appears to allow up to five players play games together on one TV.  Along that vein, Nintendo also gave a sneak peak of a new social karaoke game tentatively named Sing and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion: Haunting Hijinks that offer different experience for the player using the Gamepad.

The biggest announcement has to be the New Super Mario Bros U game that as Reggie described as “like the old ones but better.”  The struggling handheld, the 3DS was not completely ignored and will get some new games as well.  The 2D Paper Mario and a new Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon were revealed for the system.  The show closed with what Mr. Iwata has dreamt of bringing and soon will for the Wii U, Nintendo Land a virtual theme park filled with Nintendo branded fun.

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