Nyko reveals a few secrets at E3

SSCN4033Nyko is an almost an E3 icon at this point with their crimson haired booth babes, but there is plenty of substance at their booth as well.  The E3 Expo wrapped up on June 13, but there is plenty going on between now and when Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles are released later this year.  It’s Nyko’s business to stay on top of emerging technologies and gaming trends and they do it pretty well.  At the forefront of mobile gaming, they’ve also been getting ready for the next generation of consoles.  Though, Microsoft didn’t get into too many specifics about Xbox One, a trip through the Nyko booth did reveal one detail.

While some details could be gleaned from the array of charging options for the next gen console controllers, it was a tiny prototype adapter that revealed an Xbox One detail that might not have been known.  While some are complaining loudly about the Xbox One’s daily online requirement, a more pressing issue may be the audio/ video hookups on the system.  Apparently, the Xbox One only has an HDMI output.  Nyko is therefore developing an adapter that siphons off the audio to allow gamers to use their existing analog headsets with the machine.

SSCN4045Besides revealing next gen console secrets, Nyko is slowly establishing themselves in mobile gaming.  Already on their second generation of controllers for Android, Nyko’s new PlayPad Pro 2 features re-engineered parts to create a gameplay experience comparable to first party console controllers.  A Media controller gives users an ability to control their media with a row of buttons at the top.  While designed for Android, the controllers are compatible with iOs’ iCade.  There are of course more portable options as well and what looked like a mobile controller but was actually a bracket for second screen options on home consoles.

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