Sony talks Playstation games at E3

Sony kicked off their E3 at the old Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on Monday night and opened with Jack Tretton, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America paying tribute to their customers and plugging the official Playstation blog.   Though competitor spent all of their time talking about their new console, Sony, now six years into their console had some amazing games to show off but were mum on the upcoming Playstation that is expected to be announced sometime this year.

The first game to take the stage was David Cage of Quantic Dreams’ new project Beyond: Two Souls.  For those that don’t remember, Quantic Dreams is the developer of the genre-bending game, Heavy Rain. Beyond is a unique, psychological action thriller that attempts to answer, “What happens after death?” Jodie Holmes, voiced by Ellen Paige is a young woman who possesses supernatural powers and a psychic link to an invisible entity.  Ellen Page is best known for her roles as Juno and Ariadne in Inception.  Players will take control of Jodie and the entity in the breathtakingly gorgeous game.  Hopefully Beyond will be more of a game than Heavy Rain.

Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale was next in line and Sony took the opportunity to unveil Bioshock’s Big Daddy and Nathan Drake of course as playable characters and announce that the title would feature cross play on the Vita.  The brawler looks a bit like Powerstone meets Smash Bros.  There did not seem to be usable environmental weapons but the backgrounds could occasionally interact with the match.  Speaking of the Vita, Little Big Planet 2 will soon be getting new DLC allowing the Vita to be used as a controller and don’t forget the promising Gravity Rush is out next week.

That wasn’t all Sony had to say about the Vita, they promised there will be 60 titles by end of the year and PS One Classics are officially coming this summer.  Ubisoft will also be bringing Assassins Creed III: Liberation to Vita with a new female assassin.  Cross play with the Playstation 3, using your inventory was unveiled and there will be a new, white Vita bundle with 4GB card coming too.  Shooter fans will be happy to hear Call of Duty will also soon be on Vita. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will be out this holiday season.  There will also be some new apps. YouTube, Hulu plus and Crackle are all coming to the Vita.

Some Assassins Creed 3 gameplay was revealed and on the Playstation 3, players will be able to sail and battle at sea.  There will also be an Assassin’s Creed 3 Playstation 3 Bundle at when the game is released.  No doubt in a further attempt to secure a bigger share of blockbuster releases, Sony announced Bioshock: Infinite will have Move support and Far Cry 3 will have exclusive DLC on Playstation 3 in addition to four-player co-op.  The always-popular God of War is making a return to the Playstation 3 in a game named Ascension which will be out March 12th of next year.

Naughty Dog has an amazing looking game in the works called Last of Us, which Sony used to close out the show.  It looks a bit like, what it would look like, if Fallout had good graphics, better controls and a real narrative.  Though many gamers won’t care, Sony also demoed their new Wonderbook that uses the Playstation Eye and the “Book of Spells” which interacts with the Pottermore website and includes new writing from Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling.  It was also announced that HTC will be the first official partner for the newly renamed Playstation Mobile.

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