Square Enix has Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider playable at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is no longer just about comics.  Nearly every media form of the entertainment industry uses Comic-Con to promote their wares.  The biggest booths at the convention are now film, TV and video game companies.  With a good chunk of floor space, the growing publisher, Square Enix had a few games to show off.  On display for the Nintendo 3DS were the just released Heroes of Ruin and upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D.  For the home consoles, the upcoming Sleeping Dogs, the new Hitman and surprisingly Tomb Raider were all playable.

At the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, last month Square Enix had the new Tomb Raider game hidden away off the showroom floor but, now just a month later and a ways south, they had the game playable for the masses at Comic-Con.  While E3 is billed for industry folks only, Comic-Con is open to the masses and anyone that can pay to get in and in the case of those that drive, find parking.  After spending a short amount of time with the game, I can assure you it looks good and plays well and should be at the top of every adventure game fan’s list for next year.

The more time I get with Sleeping Dogs the more I fall in love with it.  The game is a sandbox type affair very similar to Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and the ilk but, the hand to hand combat is really well executed.  Featuring parries and counters, the fisticuffs more resemble the swordplay in Assassin’s Creed than other open world games.  Set in Hong Kong, the game balances well the glitz and grittiness of the bright lights of the big city.  The game will be the closest many of us can ever get to living a Bruce Lee movie or any of the other fantastic Hong Kong action movies.

Just yesterday, Square Enix announced some of the stars that will voice the game.  Sleeping Dogs will star Will Yun Lee as Wei Shen, an officer sent undercover into one of Hong Kong’s Triad gangs, the Sun On Yee.  He will be aided by police inspector Pendrew voiced by Tom Wilkinson and his childhood friend, voiced by Edison Chen. The game also boasts a supporting cast that includes Emma Stone, Robin Shou, Terence Yin, James Hong, and Lucy Liu, just to name a few.  Sleeping Dogs is expected to be released next month and pre-ordering will net players some handy in-game bonuses.

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