‘The Walking Dead: The Game: Episode 2’ on its way

Tell Tale Games is back from the E3 Expo in Los Angeles and have just announced they are about to submit to Microsoft and Sony and if everything goes as planned, Episode 2 of Walking Dead: The Game will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network before the end of June.  An iOS release for the iPad is also in the works for the series.  The developers gave sneak peeks in their meeting room, at the Expo throughout the show and there wasn’t much more popular for those at the convention and it was just the severed hand and foot turkey leg holders they were using to serve guests.  The Sam and Max creators have developed another episodic hit in The Walking Dead game series.

If you’ve played the first episode or read the review, you know Episode 1 is great to look at and a lot of fun.  Not only is it a great game on its own but, the choices you’re allowed to make in the game give an ownership, unprecedented in Xbox Live Arcade or PSN games.  After watching the first 20 minutes of Episode 2 being played, I couldn’t help but want to go back to the first episode and replay it a little bit differently.  I doubt I am the only one that felt that way.  Not since the mid-nineteen eighties, by using fingers for bookmarks with Choose Your Own Adventure books has branching entertainment been so compelling to make multiple playthroughs nearly mandatory.

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 (Starving for Help) starts three months after the events of the events of the first game and there are some new characters.  Lee’s group have fortified and holed up in the motel from Episode 1.  Though, they were able to stock up on food and supplies, that food is now nearly exhausted.  With such differing personalities thrust into a group, it’s not surprising there are tensions, more so depending on your previous choices.  Don’t worry though, there are more hard choices to come.

It is in Episode 2 where the snowball effect of your choices starts to become more tangible.  Oh, the pressure!  Luckily, the episodes aren’t terribly long and if you want to go back and redo the first leg of your journey, it won’t be too painful.  Another point to keep in mind is that who you choose to let live or die will change the circumstances and solutions available to you, down the road.  As the developers love to say, the game isn’t really about zombies, it’s about you and the people in your group.  To get the most out of your game, try to keep that in mind.

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