When is Psychonauts 2 coming out?

The 2002 E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California was a big deal for many reasons.  It was the first E3 without Sega has a hardware manufacturer, the debut of Xbox Live and one of the most notable of “the best games no one bought” of the last generation, Tim Schafer’s Psychonauts.  As with all games of this type, there is a very vocal albeit small group of people clamoring for remakes and sequels.  Psychonauts fans, this writer included may have a new glimmer of hope for a sequel.

Markus Persson, better known as Notch, the creator of the popular sandbox creation game, Minecraft and founder of Mojang, said this morning on his twitter account, “@TimOfLegend Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.”  The news flew around the “twitterverse” and apparently quite a few people were messaging Tim Schafer frantically.  It took until this afternoon for Tim Schaefer to respond via Twitter, when he said “Oh wait. Hm. This is interesting.”

Nothing is apparently official yet as Persson has updated with, “Me and @TimOfLegend are talking to each other via email, and he’s cool with me saying whatever I want about it. He’s, like, super awesome.” He also warned, “Nothing has been decided either way, but he asked me if I’m going to GDC. I assume he’s going to rob my apartment when I’m gone.  Anyway, please don’t get your hopes too high yet. Everything is extremely vague!”

While it seems promising that two brilliant developers are coming together to work on the sequel to Psychonauts, finding the funding and publisher to get it done may end up derailing the project.  Unfortunately, there are many great ideas and concepts left unrealized the gaming and entertainment industry as a whole.  Here’s to hoping this one doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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