Who are the sexiest roleplayers at E3?

E3, Comic Con and pretty much every other entertainment based convention are filled with beautiful girls in costumes that are vying for your attention.  These booth babes have to put up with thousand of guys, some with questionable hygiene habits putting their arms around them and posing for pictures.  While the majority of conventions goers have some sense of etiquette, it’s inevitable that at times they feel harassed.  Companies pay good money to put an attractive face on their product and all of the pictures making their way across Facebook, Myspace, Flickr and everywhere else you can post pictures, makes for good viral marketing.

The 2011 E3 Expo is no exception to this sexy form of advertising.  The following are a few of the sexy role players of this years’ E3.


Sony kicked off E3 2011 with their press event followed up with sexy Black Swan-ish psuedo ballerinas.

Not all of the girls were manning booths.  Saint Row sponsored a free parking lot and bikini car wash!

On day 1 there was a bevy of dancing girls promoting Atomic Kitty Adventure, an iPhone game.


APB Reloaded was outside too

This APB girl liked my hair ;-)

It wouldn’t be an event without NOS

Entering the West Hall SSX was offering photo ops

Here are some of the girls from inside

The famous Nyko Girls

Are you a booth babe or have you ever worked as a booth babe?  For the rest of you, what are your thoughts on booth babes?  Feel free to leave your comments.

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