Dhalia’s Adventures could steal your soul

Wild Games Studio, a new developer from Quebec, Canada made its E3 debut this year, in Los Angeles. Just because they are new, doesn’t mean they aren’t ambitious. Their current project, going into a limited beta, is an adventure RPG appropriately named Dhalia’s Adventures. Dhaila’s Adventures is an open world 3D game where you control an extraordinarily powerful orphan named Dhaila.
Dhaila can not only walk, run, jump, roll and hit but, use her special powers, bound to nature, with which she can absorb the energy of nature directly through its DNA. Additionally, she can also absorb the DNA of other creatures, making the heroine able to acquire their shape at any time. For those that played Dragon Age: Origins, in a lot of ways it is similar to the fade puzzle sequences. In Dhalia’s Adventures, players will be able to incarnate hundreds of characters and animals and gain their abilities. In addition to her transformative powers, she can use nature’s light as a weapon, produce an invisible shield, cast magic, levitate and more. You must use all of these abilities to cross the huge dungeons filled with traps and monsters.

This story is set in the fantasy world of Martania where Dysan, the tyrant has forced the people into submission through his influence over the dragons. Dysan is extracting precious stones from the mines to enhance his magical skills, as the people unwillingly witness his increasingly tyrannical evolution. Those willing to resist have more and more difficulty protecting their valleys from Dysan’s dragons and this is where Dhaila enters the scene. The gameplay takes place in an open world where the player will discover the origins of Dhaila and help her fulfill her destiny. In addition to the main quest, hundreds of side quests become available depending on your choices and actions.
Unlike the aforementioned Dragon Age, Dhaila can be accompanied by a friend that can be controlled by a second player to help Dhaila during certain puzzles. Co-op is a rare commodity in RPGs these days and just about any that include the feature are at least worth a look. The demo available at the expo was promising and felt like some strange hybrid of Dragon Age, Zelda and Portal. Signups for the small beta starting soon is on the Wild Games Studio webpage and the game is scheduled for a fourth quarter release on PC/Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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