Mass Effect 3 teases but gives up a release date (new screens)

Mass Effect 3 has a date with Los Angeles and the rest of North America and that date is… March 6th, 2012. Mike Gamble, Mass Effect 3 Producer took to the stage at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany to answer a few questions from the audience and via twitter.

The majority of his revelations were about combat tweaks including enhancements to the cover system that allows for moving from cover to cover and weapon modification which is best described as sort of a mix of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.  There will be a deeper customization but, not an inventory system like in the original Mass Effect.  Players will use a weapon bench to modify and upgrade the appearance and function of the weapons.  It was also revealed that the resource mining system, which is used a method to encourage exploration, will be changed again.

The downside to creating such an epic and emotional story is that fans get attached to the characters and with that in mind, Bioware will fulfill all of the prior relationships from both Mass Effect games.  The chatter or banter between the crew will increase.  The reduction of the party size has made it easier to increase the depth of the side conversations.

Speaking of talking, Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox 360 will utilize the Kinect.  No, not for motion control, the game will use Kinect to give players squad control and dialogue tree control through voice.  Unfortunately, headsets cannot be substituted and there will be no voice control for PC.  Mike also made the point that with all of the enhancements, Mass Effect is still and RPG and Mass Effect 3 will get it a little closer to its roots.

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