Miner Wars a secret gem of E3 2011

As E3 is back on the grow, since its short sojourn to Santa Monica, it is getting tougher for small and independent games to get noticed.  For the last three years since the expo returned to downtown Los Angeles, the convention center floor has gotten swallowed up by the three console makers and big publishers.  It is almost a treasure hunt to find the games that no one knows about yet.  One of these franchises, being developed primarily in Slovakia and with the newly acquired help from ex-2k Czech programmers, is MinerWars.

Miner Wars is a new intellectual property belonging to Keen Software with three games in development.  The first of these games is MinerWars 2.5D, a six axes shooter action game due out at the end of this year for iphone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.  This will be a portable version of the main game, Miner Wars 2081. Miner Wars 2081 is also a six axes shooter action game but featuring RTS elements and coming to Windows and then at a later date Xbox 360.  Players operate an advanced mining ship in an open world asteroid belt area where you can dig kilometers of tunnels, harvest the ore, travel the solar system, fight your enemies and discover deep secrets.


Miner Wars 2081 features entirely destructible environments and will include both single player and co-op modes.  From the protagonist’s perspective, you are the operator of an advanced mining ship in an open-ended asteroid belt.  The player is handed a plentitude of options with regards to play style and objectives observed.  Players may choose to sculpt a base of operations inside of an inconspicuous asteroid, complete with traps and hidden rooms as players can blast through tons of rock and debris in search of precious metals and valuable materials, which can then be sold later for upgrades and items.

The final game based on this new IP is a MinerWars MMO set for release near the end of next year.  Though Miner Wars 2081 is at least six months out, the physics and graphics are already well put together.  Preordering the game for $13.56 on Minerwars.com will give you access to the Pre-Alpha test phase of the game and the full version of the game upon release.  It will be interesting to watch this game and new IP grow and for less than $14 the game is a lot of fun.  With a large fan base already and Keen’s commitment to constant communication with the community, once the multiplayer is up, Miner Wars is sure to be a hit.

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