Skullgirls puts the classic fighters on notice

There’s some new action for fighting game fans on its way.  In a world of recycled fighters, rebooted and dumbed down, having to throw in every random and unrelated character that might add a few extra sales, there’s actually a new quality IP on the horizon.  Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game that puts players in control of sexy and fierce female warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world.  Skullgirls features the art of Alex Ahad of Scott Pilgrim fame in collaboration with tournament champion Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont.

Fighting games aren’t typically known for a coherent story but Skullgirls tries.  Set in the fictional Canopy Kingdom, Skullgirls pits players against ranks of deadly but beautiful opponents in an attempt to control the enigmatic Skull Heart, a mysterious artifact with the power to bestow wishes at a substantial price. Should the soul be less than pure, both the victor’s wish and her being shall be corrupted into a living nightmare that haunts humanity.  She will be known as the Skullgirl, a monstrous entity of immense power.

In what will be a downloadable game with add-on packs forthcoming, Players can choose from eight characters, including amnesiac schoolgirl Filia and sassy circus performer Cerebella, as they fight their way through the gauntlet.  The graphics combine 2D art with real-time lighting effects and the Dark Deco visuals are drawn at twice the resolution usually shown on 1080p high-definition screens, allowing for more detailed characters and in-game effects.

Confirmed modes include a VS mode, arcade mode, story mode and training mode because, these creators refuse to make a dumbed down fighting game, preferring to instead elevate the skill of players.  As players compete for the Skull Heart, they will fight in themed stages, including an evil underground labyrinth, an extravagant casino and a moving glass-windowed elevator with dramatic views of the city. For the braggarts out there, replays and highlights of matches can also be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook.

This promising new game is scheduled to be out sometime later on this year although, by the look of the demo shown at E3 and the Anime Expo, it doesn’t look far off.  While some 2D fighting fans might be mired deep in nostalgia and unlikely to give a new franchise a shot, this one certainly has the credibility to throw its hat in the ring.

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