Adidas miCoach Xbox 360 Review

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After a long summer of rumors and anticipation, Dwight Howard has finally been traded to the Lakers.  As a Los Angeles native and lifelong Lakers fan, I can’t help but be pleased with the efforts of the Lakers management this summer.  Dwight Howard is one of only three basketball superstars signed to deals with the storied Adidas brand though, how long that will continue to be the case remains to be seen.  Adidas, a key NBA sponsor has had difficulty signing and keeping big name stars in basketball in sponsorship deals.  Dwight’s new teammate Kobe Bryant and new mortal foe Kevin Garnett both left Adidas for more lucrative deals.

For the time being at least, Dwight Howard works for Adidas and is the face of their latest foray into gaming with miCoach.  Just to set the record straight and un-train everyone from Nintendo’s long e-sounding double i’s, miCoach is pronounced like “my coach,” not “me coach.”  miCoach is Adidas’ name for a whole line of fitness products that includes shoes, pocket devices and cell phone attachments.  That line, know includes a Kinect enabled Xbox 360 game although, there is no mention of the 505 Games published title on Adidas’ website.

The main idea of miCoach is similar to the Kinect launch title My Shape: Fitness Evolved and the more recent UFC Personal Trainer.   All of these games setup the player with a coach or instructor and then run them through an exercise regimen.  What miCoach has going for it is that it’s not overly specialized like UFC Personal Trainer but isn’t as general as Fitness Evolved.  Adidas has enlisted almost the entirety of their stable of football, soccer, basketball, tennis and running stars to assist in a variety of training regimens for the miCoach game, even the new Olympic Women’s Heptathlon gold medal winner, Jessica Ennis is on board.

All of the Kinect fitness games require a huge amount of space and miCoach is no exception.  What is a little puzzling about miCoach is that it’s not an entirely ready to play package, many of the exercises require additional equipment.  To do all of the exercises in the programs you will need dumbbells and a stability ball.  Those exercises can be skipped but you would imagine that most of the people willing to give this game a shot, would appreciate not having to make a trip to the sporting goods store after making it halfway through an exercise program.

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