Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS Review

581690_487748484630481_2034370977_nBeing a mayor isn’t necessarily all about going to Charlie Sheen’s exclusive parties in Mexico, but you don’t have to get elected in Los Angeles to enjoy “winning.”  The first big change in Nintendo’s new never ending game is that now you get to run the place.  As you can imagine this opens up a huge amount new gameplay options.  Instead of just being able to design your own personal property, you have control of how your town grows.  Supported by a whole set of new next gen features, “New Leaf” is the definitive “Animal Crossing” experience.

For those unfamiliar with what “Animal Crossing” is all about, here is a quick primer.  You start off on train to a new town and a chatty passenger quizzes you about your trip.  This is where you create your character and name your town.  Once you arrive, you need a place to live.  Don’t worry though, this taken care of for you, but it comes at a price that leaves you seriously indebted.  Paying off the debt is done by collecting, trading and selling goods with the townsfolk.  They will ask you for favors, give you gifts and expect gifts in return.  You can also let other players live in your town or just visit.  With many parallels to games like “The Sims,” “Animal Crossing” is a decidedly more cutesy option, geared toward social interactions.

In “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” you are strangely mistaken for the mayor, or maybe not. They do seem to know an awful lot about you.  If you’re wondering if you’re up to the task of task of running a town, don’t worry.  Thankfully, the twitter using Isabelle is there to help you get a grip on your new occupation.  Being mayor does beat wearing a uniform and punching the clock for Tom Nook.   You can decorate the town, and even set ordinances to suit your personal preferences and schedule.  Of course you are also in control of the layout of the town.  If you want to live near the beach, go ahead.  There is no one to tell you otherwise.  As long as there is enough space for your lot, you’re good.

Kik7dyMIaLdUHVLyoXMRgPZlVCjwzCjNOf course you can still customize yourself and your own stuff, as well.  You do start off living in a tent In “New Leaf,” players can now adjust the specific look of thousands of individual pieces of furniture, including new types of wall items like clocks, shelves and lamps, and decorate the exterior of their houses with new mailboxes, doors, façades and stepping stones.  Of course, it is often finding these treasures that make the game so compelling.   You can also buy outfits and accessories from the shop, or create your own designs and customize your clothes.  Of course, you don’t have to buy everything, there are things to be found almost everywhere, from your neighbors or otherwise.  If you design your own fashions, you can share your designs with neighbors and friends.  Unique designs can also be collected and shared with special QR Codes.

Besides hunting for treasure and making new items, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” players can still spend their time gardening, fishing and digging for fossils.  After a short amount of time, the town’s old mayor, Tortimer visits and will invite you to the tropical island where he now lives.  The tropical island is a new feature in “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” that lets players search for unique items and take mini-vacations with up to three friends. While visiting the island, you can participate in a variety of mini-games. Speaking of multiplayer, players can play locally with others or use friend codes to travel to other players’ towns, or go to the tropical island.  The tropical island visit can also be done with up to three random players.   The Street Pass feature allows you to tag fellow players and add their personalized houses to the Happy Home Showcase.

xw5UOz36dvw21Y2H8inhJ9G1G0ghYvXDAs the most powerful handheld console from Nintendo yet, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is nice to look at and with all of the gameplay additions, it’s the best one yet.  While it’s certainly not the game for everyone, there is certainly a lot to enjoy.  True, your options for releasing your aggression are pretty limited, but “Animal Crossing” offers a nearly endless amount of gameplay.  While the natural demographic of “New Leaf” is probably a younger female audience, there are plenty of hidden gems for classic Nintendo fans.  With a variety of gameplay options, persistent and ever-changing world, it’s probably a must have download for many Nintendo 3DS owners.

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