Bioshock: Infinite Xbox 360 Review

bioshock-infinite-cover-xboxTo say that Bioshock Infinite was highly anticipated is a remarkable understatement.  Publisher 2K featured the game at the E3 in Expo in Los Angeles for the last two years and its marketing presence was all over Spike TV’s recent Video Game Awards.  Though Bioshock is well established franchise, there was some trepidation over changing the setting from 20,000 leagues under the sea in Rapture to the city in the clouds, Columbia.  Though there is a noticeable change in the setting and mood, Bioshock Infinite is successful for many of the same reasons as the original.

A couple of journeys into the deep to visit the dark dystopia of Rapture were probably enough. Infinite almost had to be somewhere else.  That somewhere else ended up being Columbia, a turn of the 20th century Christian fundamentalist, pioneering city in the clouds.  Able to travel the globe, Columbia fought the holy wars the United States government couldn’t fight until eventually the government found them too meddlesome.  The floating city of Columbia seceded and became its own nation.  It didn’t take long for the utopia to develop its own set problems.

393049_321491741297488_116041921_nThe player takes on the role of Booker DeWitt an ex-soldier and ex-Pinkerton detective offered a chance to erase his debts by delivering a girl.  That girl as everyone has seen from the commercials and trailers is Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is no ordinary girl though, she has the power to open up portals or tears in the time space continuum.  It is really only about half of the game though that you are able to use Elizabeth’s amazing powers.  The rest of the time Booker, known as the false prophet in Columbia, is on his own.

The beginning of Bioshock Infinite starts off slowly with a pair of bizarre characters that drop you off at a lighthouse.  From the lighthouse, you are jettisoned to the sky country of Columbia.  Once there, you arrive at a temple of sorts for new pilgrims where you must be baptized before entering the holy land.  Much of Columbia looks like the Main Street are of Disneyland complete with a barbershop quartet. There is almost too much to look at before the story really starts to pick up and the whole of Columbia is turned against you.

487957_347856528661009_2111990309_nDon’t get me wrong, I loved the experience Bioshock Infinite offered, but it was only in its finality that I was able to appreciate the experience.  The beginning, I felt took way too long and once everything got going I thought there was much more combat than the narrative warranted.  Speaking of combat, maybe it’s been too long since I played a Bioshock game but it seemed like it took nearly a quarter of the game to get used to using the left trigger and bumper for vigors (plasmids.)  The hacking mini-games and other varieties of gameplay are also gone.  Bioshock Infinite is a straight up first person shooter.

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