BradyGames Batman: Arkham Origins Limited Edition Strategy Guide Review

unnamedThe recently released “Batman: Arkham Origins” is a prequel to the previous games and is set five years before” Arkham Asylum” and features a younger and less experienced Batman.  The new “Arkham Origins” for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 establishes many of Batman’s ongoing relationships including his introduction to the Joker.  The Los Angeles based Warner Bros. Interactive, has a formula for these Batman games which “Origins” doesn’t deviate far from, but there is enough new in the expansive game, that some players might want some help.

Both the BradyGames’ “Batman: Arkham Origins” Signature Series and Limited Edition guides offer a complete story walkthrough, offering the best route through each area and best use of Batman’s abilities and gadgets.  As with most open world games, the maps are also fairly important.  The area Maps mark each important landmark and destination. All of the numerous side missions and challenges are also covered in detail. “Origins” finally introduces a multiplayer component which is included in the books. The printed strategies were actually tested and played on site, with the developers, at WB Games Montreal. Most surprising though is the coverage of the handheld console game “Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.”

BradyGames has a long history in the guide business and is pretty adept at the craft. Along with a general competence, they are also known for making some stunning limited editions. “Batman: Arkham Origins” is no exception.”  The Limited Edition is offered in hardback format with a striking foil-stamped dust jacket. Inside the book are a set of four exclusive lithographs.  The set of four collectible lithographs can only be found inside this Limited Edition guide.  Both versions can be found at local retailers and online.

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