BradyGames Call of Duty Advance Warfare Limited Edition Strategy Guide Review

Call of Duty, Advance Warfare, BradyGames, Limited Edition, Guide, video gameAnother year means another Call of Duty game. While in the most literal sense, it’s true, Activision has really changed things up this year.  They turned almost the entire process over to Sledgehammer, and they’ve made quite a few changes.  While Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Ghosts were set in a near future setting.  Advance Warfare moves the timeline all of the way up 2051.  Futuristic weaponry and the newly introduced exo-suits completely changes Call of Duty’s gameplay. With such huge changes, a guide book can really help out.

BradyGames is offering both a hardback Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Strategy Guide and a softback Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Signature Series Strategy Guide.  Both guides cover all five versions of the game and will help you master powerful exoskeletons, specialized drones and directed energy weapons to gain an edge over your competition. Highly detailed single-player and multiplayer maps depict every level, revealing weapon and ammo positions, collectible locations, objectives, and more.  Of course the complete campaign walkthrough will also lead you through the entire game from start to finish.

Whether it’s Xbox, Playstation or PC, the most popular aspect of any Call of Duty game is the multiplayer.  With that in mind BradyGames provides comprehensive Advance Warfare multiplayer coverage.  The guides offer expert tactics for both solo and team-based play, with every game mode, ranking up, weapons, attachments, challenges, pointstreaks, and even create-a-class advice.  Achievements and trophy rosters, unlockables, detailed weapon and equipment stats are all included too.

BradyGames’ Call of Duty Advance Warfare Limited Edition Strategy Guide will likely only be available for a short period of time.  In addition to the more durable hardback format, the package includes three embroidered fabric patches that recreate the Atlas, AW, and Sentinel Task Force insignias. These unique patches are available exclusively in the limited edition guide along with unique artwork and deluxe print treatments.  The Limited Edition Strategy Guide is a high quality printing and would make a thoughtful gift for any Call of Duty fan.

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