BradyGames Diablo III Signature Series Guide Review

D3 Console SSWhen Blizzard decided to bring the “Diablo III” RPG to home consoles, it was a pretty big deal.  Arguably superior to the PC version, “Diablo III” on Playstation 3 was actually one of the highlights of my time at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, earlier this year.  Quite a leap forwards itself; “Diablo III” represents quite an evolution for the iconic series.  Even dungeon crawling veterans might need some help with a few of the new additions.  That’s where BradyGames comes in, the Signature Series and Limited Edition guides provide quite a few hints to keep at your fingertips.

True, you can’t run “Diablo III” on consoles at the resolutions you can on the PC, but you also don’t have to deal with Battlenet servers either.  You can also play with a group of friends in your living room on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 without having to set up a LAN.  While there certainly are trade-offs, convenience does have some value.  “Diablo III” offers a handful of characters to play as and that insight into the initial choice is in the guide.  The type of character you choose will affect how you can play the game and the guide provides pages of information to help you make your choice.  The character class details actually take up a hundred pages of the 460 page book.

While the console version does have its loot system loosened up a bit, the good legendary items can still be hard to get a hold of.  New to “Diablo III” is fairly robust crafting system and the game actually will allow you to craft legendary items.  Those recipes along with the standard ones are of course included in the BradyGames guide.  For those that don’t know, guide makers like BradyGames work hand in hand with developers to share all of the information they can.  While you might not want or need a guide for every game you play, you are sure to spend a good amount of “Diablo III” and will no doubt get plenty of use out of BradyGames “Diablo III” guide.

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