BradyGames Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide Review

31rjoffmygL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_With a game as big as “Grand Theft Auto V,” it’s likely you’ll need some help to find everything the game has to offer.  That’s where BradyGames comes in.  The videogame guide business is pretty much split down the middle and as it turns out, BradyGames scored what will likely be one of the biggest games this year.  They are offering two options in the Limited Edition and Signature Series versions and both will help you get through Rockstar’s fictionalization of Los Angeles and the surrounding area known as San Andreas.

Covering the currently released Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of “Grand Theft Auto V,” the two guides detail every square mile of Los Santos and Blaine County.  The guides start with all of the items you can find before moving on to the main story and mission walkthroughs. The guides also reveal exactly when to jump in and out of the lives of each of the three main characters to experience the most the game has to offer. While the explanations are excellent, I did find I could have used more precise maps for some the side missions.  That was really the only complaint that I had throughout my playthrough.

The guides do cover all of the collectibles and ambient activities. Maps and detailed descriptions for all aerial challenges, stunt jumps, spaceship parts, submarine pieces, and hidden packages are included. The jobs and activities are also covered.  There is no shortage of things to do in “Grand Theft Auto V” hunting, races, arms trafficking, flight school, property management, parachuting, golf, bail bonds, assassination missions, and yoga are all offered. The hardcover Limited Edition guide also includes an exclusive official lithograph of GTA V artwork in a branded sleeve and a collection of additional artwork in the book.

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