BradyGames Sunset Overdrive Official Strategy Guide Review

Sunset Overdrive is the new Xbox One exclusive from the creators of Spyro the Dragon, and Ratchet and Clank, Insomniac Games.  Set in the near future 2027, a contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population of Sunset City into toxic mutants.  The game itself borrows plenty from Jet Set Radio Future and Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One, BradyGames, Guide, video game, bookBorderlands, while its Ratchet and Clank bones are obvious. With a huge open world, designed for grinding, vaulting, wall-running, where standing still isn’t an option, if you want to find everything the game has to offer, you’re probably going to need some help.

BradyGames’ Sunset Overdrive Official Strategy Guide covers the each mission, quest, and challenge with a complete story walkthrough.  In Sunset Overdrive, standing still is not an option and with that in mind, the guide starts off with the huge move and traversal set, the game employs. Because Sunset City is so large, BradyGames provides plenty of maps, in this guide, to help you find your way.  They also provide detailed weapon, amp, build, and trap information along with a highly stylized bestiary at the end of book.  Though, it’s not the meat of the game, some tips for the multiplayer Chaos Squad mode are included too.

One of a handful of exclusives for Microsoft’s new console, Sunset Overdrive is pretty much a “must have” for Xbox One owners.  This action-packed game is rated Mature by the E.S.R.B., but the adult language and gore can be turned off, allowing the whole family to enjoy it.  Considering the its usefulness, and at over 250 pages, BradyGames’ Sunset Overdrive Official Strategy Guide is an invaluable resource.

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