Extending Unity with Editor Scripting by Angelo Tadres Book Review

Unity, game development, Extending Unity with Editor Scripting, “Unity 3D” is a popular is a cross-platform game engine, and the default software development kit for Nintendo’s Wii U.

PACKT Publishing has a large library of Unity game development books, and one of the latest offerings is “Extending Unity with Editor Scripting” by Angelo Tadres. Where most books discuss how to use the framework already built in to the “Unity” program, this book explains how you can actually customize the programs editor. This is especially useful for automating and simplifying content creation, and enables users to create more efficient pipelines. The book also explains how to change the overall look and feel of the Editor, including the primary scene view, where most of the assembly work is done.

“Extending Unity with Editor Scripting” is for users that are already proficient at creating content with Unity. The book is intended for use with “Unity 5.x,” and all of the scripting is done in C#. Be sure to watch your headers in “Visual Studio,” because most of these scripts are editor scripts. While this book is clearly geared towards the more advanced Unity user, the author sporadically comments his code. That is probably fine for those with a lot of experience with C#, but that is only about a third of “Unity” users, at the most. To be fair, most of the methods are explained in the book’s text, however it would be nice to also see it in the code.

The author, Angelo Tadres has written a useful book on optimizing “Unity.” While the meat of the instruction can be a utilitarian, the included sample project will provide most readers enough of a reprieve to make it through. This does bring me to my second complaint, which is the fact that the necessary assets are split between a couple of websites. It would have been nice for them to all have been hosted on PACKT’s website. That being said, there some invaluable tools in this book. Though the book utilizes a 2D platformer as its example, there are certainly plenty of other applications that can be improved with Editor scripting.

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