Kirby’s Dream Collection Wii Review

There are certainly a slew of gaming conventions in Los Angeles and the surrounding area over the summer, the E3 Expo, San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo and AM2 are the more notable ones.  While E3 was mostly about the upcoming Wii U, Nintendo’s focus at the San Diego Comic Con was on games for the current platforms.  There was a lot of focus on games for the Nintendo 3DS and to a lesser extent some of the current offerings for the original Wii system.  One of the Wii releases Nintendo highlighted was The Kirby Dream Collection, celebrating 20 years of Kirby.

Those that felt ripped off with the similarly packaged Super Mario All-Stars collection should know that Kirby’s Dream Collection contains nearly double the content.  Though Kirby is not nearly as recognizable as Nintendo’s plumber, most Nintendo fans appreciate the history of Kirby’s adventures.  Though a much more straightforward approach to platforming, Kirby games have pushed style and mechanics much more aggressively than the more familiar Mario games.

Kirby’s Dream Collection celebrates two decades of Kirby action, from the original Gameboy all of the way to the Wii. Included in Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition are: Kirby’s Dream Land (originally released for Game Boy in 1992,) Kirby’s Adventure (originally released for NES in 1993,) Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (originally released for Game Boy in 1995,) Kirby’s Super Star (originally released for Super NES in 1996,) Kirby’s Dream Land 3 (originally released for Super NES in 1997,) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (originally released for the Nintendo 64 system in 2000,) and the ‘New Challenge Stages.’ These stages are a whole new set of challenge stages based on the Wii’s 2011 release, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land.

The Kirby’s Dream Collection allows players to follow the evolution of Kirby’s abilities, enemies, and presentation styles through six complete games and the new bonus levels. The collection also includes a music CD, an interactive timeline and a special anniversary book.  The included CD contains 45 tracks from 16 different Kirby games with over an hour’s worth of play time. The disc also includes special alternate versions of three Kirby themes. The included book showcases early concept artwork and some other interesting information.  Finally, the timeline includes an interactive interface that allows browsing classic game footage, box art and franchise milestones, even allows jumping from the timeline straight into a game.

If only Mario got such a treatment for his collection.  The lack of content in the All-Stars Collection is no reason to ignore Kirby’s Dream Collection, though.  This collection really shows the evolution of Kirby and helps put the uniqueness of games like Epic Yarn into perspective.  Maybe because I didn’t play Kirby games nearly as often as the original Mario games, I really enjoyed returning to the classics.  Comparable in price to their downloadable counterparts and better adapted to the Wii, Kirby’s Dream Collection is easy to recommend to Kirby fans or fans of classic Nintendo gaming.

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Kirby’s Dream Collection
Six different stories in the adventures of Kirby.
The sound is typically good for the generation these games come from.
The graphics as with the sound vary and the only current generation's offering is what Nintendo fans expect.
The collection offers a variety of platforming fun.
A much better collection than Mario was given in just about every way. Not complete but a good illustration of Kirby's roots.