Mastering Unity 2D Game Development by Simon Jackson Book Review

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Mastering Unity 2D Game Development, Simon Jackson, Unity 3D, game development, bookComplaining about how Activision keeps churning out the same Call of Duty games, over and over again, isn’t going to do anyone much good.  There’s nothing like putting your money where your mouth is, and for those that want to try the game making process, Unity 3D is appealing tool.  Besides that the game making engine is free, there is no shortage of help with the software available.  From premade assets, to online videos and books like this one, there is plenty of information and help available.  Mastering Unity 2D Game Development by Simon Jackson will essentially walk you through creating a 2D side-scrolling RPG.

To start off with, Mastering Unity 2D Game Development probably isn’t the first book you should buy, if you’re just getting started with Unity 3D.  While you probably could struggle through it, it’s really written for those with a good familiarity with the engine and at least some knowledge of the C# programming language.  If you’re really new to the process, there are a good amount of beginner’s handbooks available.  It is also worth noting that this book was written to be utilized with Unity 3D version 4.3 and references some UI elements that have since been changed.

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development starts off simple enough with an overview of the project that you’ll be undertaking.  From there it moves on to building a character, and includes instructions on how to use Unity’s sprite system.  Once your character is created, the book moves on to animation.  Since you’ll then have the “who” covered, the next step is the “where.” The next chapters walk you through creating your world and non-player characters.  No RPG is complete without an inventory system, which is covered in the eighth chapter, followed by combat systems.

Once your game is made, Mastering Unity 2D Game Development helps you package it all up and deploy your effort.  There are even a few words on marketing at the end of the book, though monetization is covered much earlier.  As with any programming book, there are bound to be errors and a good amount of the errata information along with the source files are available online.  At over 400 pages, this book is not a quick read and the less familiar you are with coding, the longer it will take you to get through.  Even with a fair amount of Unity 3D experience portions can be a bit confusing, requiring some rereading.  That being said, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you’ll pick up, that you can apply toward other efforts, both 2D and 3D.

[The book “Mastering Unity2D Game Development” has been re-published with all of the errors now being rectified. Digital owners can download the latest version of the book.]

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