Nyko Charge Base for Xbox One Review

Charge Base Plus Pak XboxOne (450x296)If reports are correct, nearly a million people worldwide lined up to get ahold of their Xbox Ones on its midnight launch.  Though there were only about 50 people or so at the Los Angeles area game store that I bought my new system, the availability of the new systems from Sony and Microsoft seems much more robust than the last generation.  While many picked up games like “Ryse” and “Dead Rising 3” at the Xbox One launch, one thing many people forget in the excitement of buying a new system is all of the stuff you need to go with it.  That’s where Nyko comes in.  If you don’t want to keep feeding your new Xbox One controller new batteries, their “Charge Base” will come in handy.

Nyko’s “Charge Base” for the Xbox One consists of a dual saddle which allows two Xbox One controllers to rest fairly securely.  Microsoft’s controller redesign, leaves the back panel flush which allows it sit in the saddle more securely.  Included in the package are two NiMH rechargeable batteries and replacement battery covers with cutouts to allow the metal contacts to touch the charging prongs.  It’s a little counterintuitive and not entirely obvious which way the batteries fit, but if you look closely they are marked.  If you follow the directions, it’s a very quick install.

Because the “Charge Base” doesn’t actually plug into your controller, you might be concerned about its stability, however the lip that grabs the bottom of the controller and the controller’s own design make for a surprisingly secure connection.  Having used plugin chargers for the previous generation’s controllers, I was somewhat surprised myself. Actually, the low profile and minimalist design make me think that both devices are less likely to get broken with this solution.

71qAArjbhJL._SL1411_While I was skeptical of Nyko’s choice of NiMH over Lion batteries, after a few days of use, I’ve been impressed with battery life and have had no other issues.  The charger is also a smart charger which means, once the batteries are charged, it shuts itself off.  The status is displayed with small LEDs on the front of the device, at least until the batteries are charged.  Offered in a glossy black, the charger matches the highlights of the otherwise matte black finish of the controller.

It’s easy to overlook the accessories that making gaming easier in the excitement of buying a new system. It’s not just my past experience in retail sales that shapes that idea, but the realization that having to constantly buy batteries for various electronic devices is expensive and wasteful.  The rechargeable batteries also last longer than disposable ones.  With wireless controllers a convenient battery charging system is essential and Nyko’s “Charge Base” works well with Xbox One controllers.  Nyko is set to release a similar solution for Sony’s Playstation 4 before Christmas.

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