Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Playstation 3 Review

Article first published as PlayStation 3 Review: Atelier Meruru – The Apprentice of Arland on Blogcritics.

The name of the latest young heroine in Los Angeles based import publisher, NIS America’s newest offering may sound like a Scooby-ism or something from the Aaron Burr milk commercial but, pronunciation difficulties aside the conclusion to the adventures in Arland is the most complete effort yet.  Meruru is pronounced Meru-ru, not Me-ru-ru, if that helps.  Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, in what will please many longtime fans, also brings back many favorite characters from the earlier games for a curtain call.

Atelier Meruru is set in the tiny kingdom of Arls, located in a remote area on the northeastern border of the Arland Republic.  Since Princess Meruru met the Adventurer of Arland, Totori Helmond all she could think about was becoming an alchemist.  Not a typical career path for a princess, initially her father opposes what he assumes is latest fancy of his immature and unrefined daughter.  It’s not until her determination is confirmed that he relents by allowing Princess Meruru to study alchemy on the condition she uses it to serve Arls.


All of the Atelier games consist mainly of turn based combat, resource collection and item synthesis and yes, Atelier Meruru still has them.  The combat while pretty simplistic compared to other Japanese RPG series has a few new wrinkles this time around.  Of course, no one would expect a princess to do all of this solo, let alone a protective father.  Princess Meruru can travel with two companions though this is only indicated in battle.  The rest of the time, she can actually find and talk to her companions.

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