Dishonored Playstation 3 Review

It’s true that discretion is often the better part of valor.  Dishonored in some ways, takes this to the extreme.  Personally, I don’t need to kill everyone in a game.  I typically play games, fairly pragmatically, as if I were somehow thrown into whatever circumstances the game has set up.  That being said, if put in a situation where it’s either them or me, they need to go.  Also, if they are a murderous psycho, they probably need to die before someone else becomes their victim.  Besides the chapter recap displaying a violence level and zero kill bonuses, there is nothing in the game to encourage using more peaceful means.

Dishonored gives players many tools to kill and only two options that are non-lethal and I’m fine with that but, if players choose to kill their enemies the game punishes them with more obstacles and a darker ending.  To continue using clichés, doing the right thing is often more difficult but, this is not the “Gandhi” game.  It is set in a ruthless and feudal dog eat dog world.  There is no reason given why Corvo is supposed to leave evil serial killers unconscious to wake up later and come up with a more deadly plan for the next time.

The technical issues and forced morality are definitely issues in Dishonored but that doesn’t stop it from being a really good game.  Except for having to save way too often, I enjoyed my time with Dishonored.  Sure, I thought it was a little too game-y with score screens at the end of each chapter but, I found the RPG elements and story interesting.  The characters and voicing were excellent too.  How they got Carrie Fisher, Michael Madsen and Susan Sarandon to voice a game is surprising.  Dunwall is a fascinating place that will no doubt inspire multiple playthroughs.

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A nice dark steampunk or whale oil-punk tale of intrigue and deception.
The music, sound and voice work is excellent. That last part not surprising at all because, the voices are done by an all-star cast
The graphics do have some issues but the impressionist art style masks much of the technical problems.
There are issues with mechanics and to get the 'good' ending is tough work.
The story is well told and the game is rewarding but, like the Thief and Splinter Cell series, it requires more discipline than most gamers are likely to have.

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