Dragon Age 2 review: Is it a superior sequel?

Dragon Age 2

Slainte and happy St. Patrick’s day! The new Dragon Age 2 game is the first game on slate of 3 that Bioware plans to release this year.  Star Wars the Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 are due out later this year and there are reasons this is notable in this review.  Keep that in mind as you read this review.  Dragon Age 2 is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.  Although it is a little late, it’s interesting that this is my first console game review on this site.

If you played Dragon Age: Origins, there is a lot familiar.  There is also a lot different.  There is less ability to customize which, no doubt will upset some players.  However, like with Mass Effect 2 this does make the game more playable for more people.  They might have taken it a little bit far but, it is much easier and less time consuming to manage your inventory.  Besides that bit of streamlining, the action starts off much quicker as well.  While everyone agreed, Dragon Age: Origins was a high quality game, some felt it was too slow and hard to play in small bits.  This has been adjusted as well, with a good number of the quests being much shorter and easy to do in half hour sessions, without shortening the game.

The best things about Dragon Age 2 are the improved graphics, the high quality voice acting and story.  The first Dragon Age was never a pretty game but, there are some visuals in this game that really shine.  As always, Bioware is all about the story and characters.  This will not disappoint you.  The sound keeps up as well with a stunning soundtrack.  The other big improvement is the combat which is now more interactive.  This seems to be similar to what is coming in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The things I would like to see in Dragon Age 3 are multiplayer and finding a way to allow a little more customization.  Maybe take a half step back on the customization.  The footsteps this game follows in, requires some concessions to their modernization.