Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad PSN Review

The Motocross Hall of Fame driver and Southern California resident, Jeremy McGrath though semi-retired did show up for the extreme action Summer X Games that came to a close Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. Inspired by his own family’s recent struggles, Jeremy is working to increase bone marrow testing and donations in addition to part time racing.  His fans and other off-road fans now have a way to extend the fun of the X Games little longer.  Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, published by D3Publisher which features Rally Cars, Pro Buggies and Pro-Lite Trucks is available now on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is an arcade style off-road racing game that harkens back to the time when racing games weren’t trying to out-Gran Turismo themselves.  Shedding the minutia of endless customization, Offroad focuses only on the throttle feathering skills of dirt racing.  There are only a limited number of vehicles available in each race and you can forget about painting and decaling them to express yourself in the game.  The only upgrading you’re allowed to do is with points earned in racing that can then be added to top speed, handling, acceleration, and braking.  I found handling and acceleration the most valuable as the courses are windy and I like passing in the corners.

Offroad offers an arcade mode for single races and career mode that will take you throughout the five classes of vehicles and seven tracks.  Unlike many rally racing games, Offroad doesn’t ever really force you to race through tracks solo.  All of the races are either standard eight car affairs or staggered start races where with skill, you should be passing your competitors fairly quickly.  The game does also feature online multiplayer with up to eight players though even a two player split screen would have been awesome.

The game looks great running at 60 frames per second and in full 1080p, if your TV supports it.  The settings for each of the tracks look amazing and the track surfaces look good even though there is no dynamic track degradation.  The surface also doesn’t seem to affect handling though driving on the shoulder will slow you down significantly and watch out for trees. The fencing, signs and brush won’t interfere with your driving and running them over will eventually score you a trophy or two.  The vehicles while limited look pretty good and little things like helicopters, crop dusters and solar flares add to the presentation.  The only thing that really doesn’t look good is the big snowballs that roll onto the snow track.

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