Metro: Last Light Playstation 3 Review

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PS2CoverSheet108The release of Metro: Last Light marks the first retail release of the properties auctioned off during Los Angeles based publisher, THQ’s bankruptcy proceeding.  Last Light is the sequel to 2010’s Metro 2033, based on the Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book by the same name.  The Metro 2033 book was continued by the author with Metro 2034, but Last Light strikes out in a wholly different direction.  Gluskhovsky was apparently involved with Last Light which continues the story of Artyom, nearly a year after the events in Metro 2033.  If you were wondering, the plot of Last Light assumes the standard ending of the first game.

The team that brought us Metro 2033 and now Last Light have ties to the similarly themed PC classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  Both games are set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, though Metro is pretty much a straight up shooter.  In the Metro series, a nuclear war in 2013 forced what was left of Moscow’s surviving population into underground metro stations. It didn’t take long for these pockets of survivors to organize into city-states with vastly different ideologies and ambitions.  Where Metro 2033 mainly focused on the mysterious “dark ones,” a group of ghastly and powerful mutants, Last Light tackles the politics of the humans.

376911_630716013623534_1671742368_nMetro: Last Light isn’t anywhere near as dark or eerie as its predecessor, though the post apocalyptic world is represented especially well in the above ground portions.  At its best, Last Light looks a lot like Crysis, but most often the graphics resemble Fallout 3. Though the game borrows plenty from survival horror, it’s never quite that scary.  Because the radiation and fallout remain a threat, whenever you are above ground you must wear a gas mask.  Unless you play on the easiest setting, the mask and required filters will dictate the pace you explore the outside world.  The filters only last for so long and as you take damage the mask will deteriorate and eventually break.  Death follows quickly when there is no clean air.

181240_630397523655383_2073162128_nSurviving in Metro: Last Light is made a little more difficult with the control scheme.  Though the main controls are typical for first person shooters, managing inventory and weapons can be a little difficult.  Playing through the campaign over a couple of days, it took until about the last third of the game that I really felt comfortable working through the sub-menus.  Very similar to Mass Effect, pulling the left trigger brings up equipment options, which is where you will need to manage your flashlight, gas mask, and filters.  Instead of fully pausing the action, everything slows down a bit while you’re switching equipment.  You can also switch weapons, though the triangle button will cycle them for you.  The d-pad allows you to access regular items like health packs and your cigarette lighter.

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