Prototype 2 Playstation 3 Review

Article first published as PlayStation 3 Review: Prototype 2 on Blogcritics.Activision is in the news again, reportedly asking a Los Angeles Superior Court judge for an extension in their ongoing lawsuit with the former heads and even some employees of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series developers, Infinity Ward.  The L.A. based publisher may also have issues with the recently announced Black Ops 2 due to language in previous contracts.  Though a huge portion of Activision’s sales, there is more to their portfolio than Call of Duty including, the just released dungeon-crawler, Diablo 2 and the action-adventure romp, Prototype 2.

Prototype 2 is the sequel to three year old open-world Prototype game not surprisingly developed by the same group that that brought us the mayhem-filled The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate DestructionPrototype 2 definitely wears that same superhero outfit and while you play it, you’re bound to wonder why playing Spider-Man games never felt like this.  Though, neither James Heller, the protagonist of this story nor the original anti-hero, Alex Mercer is much like Peter Parker.

James Heller was a soldier, deployed at the time of the outbreak of the Blacklight virus that Alex Mercer spent much of the original Prototype game trying to eradicate.  James makes it home to New York in time to find the city overrun with infected causing him to join back up with the military in order to get revenge on the apparent mastermind of the disease, Alex Mercer.  Those who finished the first Prototype game will wonder how all of this got pinned on Alex and the story does weave a complex web of motivations and strange alliances.  Strangely, if you’re new to the story, you’re probably at a slight advantage.

If you’ve ever played a sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto, you should be right at home with Prototype 2.  The main difference is of course, you don’t need to steal and drive cars to get around although; there are some opportunities to grab some vehicles.  James Heller and his team, on his first mission in New York are attacked by Alex Mercer.  Strangely, Alex infects James in a way that ends up giving James amazing powers like the ability to run up walls and fly or glide in addition to being able to consume victims and then morph into them.


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