Rock of Ages PSN Review

Article first published as PSN Review: Rock of Ages on Blogcritics.

Rock of Ages is not just an 80’s hair music production showing at the Pantages Theater in downtown Los Angeles or its big screen adaptation coming to IMAX theaters next month; it’s now an action-strategy game on the Playstation Network.  Rock of Ages, the game has been available on PC and Xbox Live since last year and now the local Los Angeles publisher, Atlus has brought ACE’s addictive game to the Playstation 3 and with some extras.

Heavily stylized in a Monty Python-ish package, Rock of Ages takes place over five distinct periods of classic art history, starting in classical Greece.  Despite its strange packaging, Rock of Ages evokes gameplay similar to the arcade classic, Marble Madness or the somewhat more recent Monkey Ball and Katamari games combined with Tower DefenseRock of Ages is all about rolling huge boulders down a hill to smash open a door and irreverently make splatter out of historical characters like Charlemagne and Vlad the Impaler.

There are two main portions of the game; rolling your boulder down the hill to smash down the gate and eventually your enemy and setting up defenses to slow down your opponent’s rock.  The boulder is controlled with the left analog stick and the camera can be rotated with the right.  You then use the X button to either jump or fly.  You will want to smash at least some items on your way without slowing your momentum too much, as they net cash for boulder upgrades or defenses.

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