Skylanders: Giants Playstation 3 Review

The meat of Skylanders: Giants is the story mode but, there is also a battle mode.  The battle mode lets two characters compete against each other in a variety of battle games.  These matches are confined to only two characters and to those in your room.  Sadly, there is no online functionality for Skylanders: Giants.  This is a forgivable omission considering the intended audience and parents’ understandable wariness of their children’s online communication.

Skylander: Giants at first felt like some weird Toy Story and Starfox: Adventures mash-up but, after awhile I found a lot more to love.  Kids will love the fact that they get to put toys into the video game and either play the adventure or battle them against others.  Older kids and adults will love the collecting loot and being able to upgrade their Skylanders.  That’s not to say, grown-ups won’t think that some the toys are pretty cool looking too, particularly the “lightcores.”  Skylanders: Giants seems to have found a happy medium and fun formula for the whole family.  I’m curious to see who else tries to implement the model.  I imagine it might help sell Pokemon toys.

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Skylanders: Giants
The story is a little Toy Story-ish but is still entertaining.
The sound and voices are one of the high points to the game.
The graphics remind me an awful lot of Starfox Adventures. The art style is geared toward younger players but isn't too rudimentary.
For a game that is meant to sell toy, Skylanders: Giants is pretty good. Many of the supporting mechanics have been improved in the sequel.
Skylanders: Giants is an action adventure game with RPG elements with toys, albeit without too much depth. Surprisingly, it does all of that pretty well.

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