Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 Review

The vehicles that you obtain by purchase or otherwise are stored in a garage that is always near your residences.  Sleeping Dogs’ Hong Kong is beautiful, bustling and fairly large city and walking or running isn’t going to get you far.  There is also a racing circuit you can infiltrate to earn some extra cash to spend on clothes, more vehicles, energy drinks or happy endings at the local massage parlor.  If you’re not the type for paid encounters, there are a few girls you can woo for in-game perks, though there is no long term effect to plot.

If the driving and fighting in Sleeping Dogs are the high points, the plot execution is the low point.  Though an interesting story, there’s not much in it that comes as a surprise.  Many of the storylines seem incomplete.  This is particularly evident with the girlfriend plots.  The collectibles and side missions are setup with a narrative but except for the two main storylines, none of it matters in the end.  Maybe, I am little spoiled since playing L.A. Noire but, I expect a better story from single player, open-world sandbox games now.  It is worth noting that there are also some forgivable graphical deficiencies but, overall Sleeping Dogs is a lot of fun.  As a complete and entertaining journey though, it will probably leave you a little unsatisfied and wanting for more.

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Sleeping Dogs
Players take control of a SFPD Officer loaned to Hong Kong to infiltrate and take down a Triad gang. The story is compelling but often feels unfinished
Overall, the sound and voice acting are well done. While driving, like GTA you can change the Hong Kong radio stations.
The graphics and camera do slow down a bit but, everything looks pretty good though not quite as good as L.A. Noire.
Everything in the game works pretty well from the minigames to driving and shooting. Of course the hand to hand is the star.
There are a lot of GTA type games out there. Some are bigger, some have more stuff and some look a little better but, you'd be hard pressed to find one that does everything quite as well.

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